Soluva® Air T: 

The compact UV air purifier for small rooms

  • Effective against Covid 19 viruses
  • Removes pollen, dust, viruses and aerosols
  • Extremely quiet with less than 40 dB
  • Very light and therefore flexible to transport
  • 4 ventilation levels, timer and sleep mode
  • Controllable with modern touch display

Soluva®Air W:

The wall unit with up to 400m³ cleaning capacity

  • Reliable disinfection with strong disinfecting UVC radiation (scientifically proven)
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Can be connected to standard household sockets
  • Easy, low-maintenance handling, no time-consuming filter changes
  • Can be connected to standard household sockets
  • Can be used from 0°C

Soluva® Air M10:

For large rooms with high ceilings from 3m

  • Safe and reliable disinfection of the application site. 99,999%
  • CE-compliant devices
  • Simple ceiling mounting
  • Easy, low-maintenance handling, no need for time-consuming filter changes
  • For larger rooms several Soluva Air M10 can be used
  • Can be used from 0°C

Soluva® Air F: 

The flexible all-rounder  

  • safe inactivation of all germs, including Covid-19 viruses (test result: 99.99%) 
  • infinitely variable air flow rate up to 1050 m³/h, suitable for continuous operation low weight
  • simple operation
  • very quiet 
  • no filters, no filter change
  • long lamp life easy wall mounting or flexible due to mobile stand
  • developed by Heraeus in Germany

Weitere Produkte

Soluva® Air W - Grey
The UV air purifier is perfect for high traffic areas, such as offices and meeting rooms, retail stores, canteens, restaurants and hotel rooms, schools, doctor's waiting rooms, government offices and more. Simply mount it and plug it into a standard household outlet, and it will provide constant germ-free air. For this it needs neither chemistry nor a filter exchange and is reliably applicable in continuous operation.Soluva® Air W disinfects air in the room, simply, safely and quickly, without the use of chemicals. The disinfector for room air is mounted on the wall. During the almost silent operation, the room air is continuously circulated. Thus, the air filter with UV light leads to a reliable disinfection and thus to the reduction of germ contamination. Due to its valuable, unobtrusive design, the Air W fits perfectly into any room design. The Soluva® Air W air purification device is continuously adjustable with a maximum fan output of 930 m³/hAir disinfection with UV light - your advantages at a glanceSafe, chemical-free disinfection of the airUV air filters disinfect even poorly ventilated roomsEasy wall mounting and operationSuitable for continuous operation, long service lifeLow maintenanceEnvironmentally friendly: Chemical-free, ozone-free UVC lampsUV air disinfection is applicable with any domestic power source (normal plug connection)UV air filters can be easily usedSo easy to use: Easy installation of UV air disinfection equipment Plug into outlet, turn on Disinfect airTechnical dataDimensions (mm) (WxHxD): 998 x 695 x 197Weight: 35 KgAir volume fan: 930m3/hLoudness: 39 dB(A) at optimum air circulationUV lamp: NNI 50/26XL - low pressure UVC emitterUVC output: 38 wattsEmitter lifetime: up to 16.000 hPower supply: max. 220 wattsSupply voltage: 220 - 240V / 50/60HzEnvironmental conditions for operation: Temperature: min. 0 °C / max. 35 °C Relative humidity: 25% - 80% IP20

Soluva® Air M10
Soluva® Air M10 is the best solution for air filters with UV light, for disinfection of room air in larger and closed rooms, when there is no ventilation system yet. Possible places of use are production halls, canteens, cold rooms, hotel foyers or auditoriums in schools. The powerful unit disinfects up to 1,100 cubic meters of air per hour and is mounted on the ceiling to circulate the room air, thus reducing germ contamination. The Soluva® Air M10 disinfects circulating air in large rooms and halls reliably, in an environmentally friendly manner and without chemicals. A simple and effective hygiene solution to protect your employees - without leaving residues on the end product! Suitable for larger rooms such as reception halls, canteens or production hallsStrong disinfecting effect99.99 % tested virus reductionTechnical dataDimensions (mm) (WxHxD): 1160 x 376 x 487Weight: 35 KgAir volume fan: 2.250m3/hLoudness: 54 dB(A) at optimum air circulation. UVC power: 200 watts Connected load: 1,000 wattsSupply voltage: 1/N/PE AC 50/60Hz 230VMinimum room height: 3 meters

Soluva® Air W - Rack
An ideal complement for a Soluva Air W unit is a rollable stand. Wherever the efficient Air W cannot be mounted on the wall, it can be the efficient Air W cannot be mounted on the wall, mounting on the tripod control of viruses and other dangerous germs.

Soluva® Air T
The new Soluva® Air T - air purifier for fresh airThe first & ONLY air purifier on the market that is specifically designed for tabletop use!Top technology from Heraeus, the inventor of the UVC lamp in 1904The compact tabletop device shows its strengths in the private home as well as in smaller offices and rooms for meetings, customer consultations, therapeutic and cosmetic treatments. It continuously disinfects the air directly around the people who meet here, effectively protecting them from viruses, bacteria and germs.Computer simulations show that the Soluva® Air T above a table builds up an air flow that has the shape of a bell. This means that not all of the room air must be circulated to achieve a good air circulation rate.The Soluva® Air T can be operated regardless of room size and has a protective bell with a diameter of about 3mDue to its compact design, the Soluva® Air T can be used when and where the situation requires it.The Soluva® Air T destroys the genetic material of corona viruses and other dangerous germs in the air immediately. The air is sucked into the device, disinfected and blown out germ-free. Air disinfection with UV-C light thus significantly reduces the risk of infection. The air circulation required for this is optimal when the Soluva® Air T is placed between people on a table.Advantages:Flexibly applicableEfficacy scientifically provenVariously applicableProperties:Soluva ® Air T Size (LxWxH) 183x255x310 mm Weight 2.3 kg Material plastic, aluminum Air flow rate Max. 50m³/h Effective principle high-quality, maintenance-free UVC- technology International protection class IP20

Soluva® Air F
With its high air flow rate, this UV air purifier provides consistently safe protection against germs of all kinds in rooms where many people spend time together: from daycare centers to clinics, from offices to social rooms, from retail stores to cafés. Mounted on a mobile stand, it is always quickly at hand wherever it is needed. Optionally, it can also be mounted on the ceiling or wall. The most powerful UV-C air purification unit on the market provides fast and safe protection with its high air flow rate - with a tested virus reduction of 99.99%. Soluva® Air F has already proven itself in numerous operations centers and control centers - and beyond in kindergartens and schools, cafés and restaurants, medical practices, retirement homes, offices or retail stores. Best protection: safe inactivation of all germs, including Covid-19 viruses (test result: 99.99%)Powerful: continuously adjustable air flow rate up to 1050 m3/h, suitable for continuous operationOptimal design: light weight, easy operation, very quiet operationEconomical and maintenance-free: no filters, no filter change, long lamp lifeFlexible: easy wall mounting or flexible with mobile standQuality and safety: developed by Heraeus in GermanyAdvantages Best protection Powerful Optimal design Maintenance-freeFeatures Technical data Soluva ® Air F