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UV-C air and surface disinfection - simple, safe, reliable and without chemicals 

Heraeus Soluva UV-C air and surface purifiers are the best technical solution to render viruses immediately harmless. For decades Heraeus delivered UV-C disinfection for hospitals or disinfection plants for food supplies. Drinking water in Germany is disinfected with UV-C light from Heraeus.

Surface disinfection: Briefly scanning the surfaces several times destroys the virus immediately. The only battery-powered UV-C surface cleaner in the world. 

Air disinfection: An integrated fan efficiently circulates the room air. The UV-C light destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi immediately. The German Federal Environmental Agency confirms:

UV-C radiation is able to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

Soluva devices are easy to install. A wall mounting kit assists with the installation. The appliances work on household electricity. Devices for buildings contain specially developed light traps. They do not allow UV-C light to escape. Air cleaning with UV-C light does not require maintenance-intensive and expensive filter replacement. 

For medical practices, waiting rooms, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, congress centers, retail stores, museums, galleries, theaters and as a retrofit in all air conditioning systems.

Advantages when cleaning with UV-C light:

  • ​​​​​Reliable technology from a market leader in UV technology
  • Gentle and highly reliable air disinfection of rooms, scientifically proven.
  • UV-C instruments from Heraeus do not need expensive filters
  • Easy to install, device works on household electricity
  • Long service life of UV-C lamps
  • Absolutely safe: No unwanted emission of UV light, no ozone, no chemicals necessary
  • Protection also against other diseases transmitted via air or aerosols

Find the right product for your needs in our store and give viruses no chance.   

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