Frequently asked questions and answers

Questions about products?
How long can the Soluva® products for UVC disinfection be used?

The Soluva® products for UVC disinfection can be used in continuous operation. Only after several thousand operating hours a lamp change is necessary. The exact time for a necessary lamp change is visualized by an automatic message on the LED display.

What is the difference between HEPA filters and UVC disinfection?
In contrast to HEPA filter technology, no loaded filters need to be changed. It is only necessary to change the lamps. Just as simple as changing the lamps for the lighting system at home.

What other measures should I take?
DThe Soluva® product should be used as a supplement to existing hygiene measures, i.e. even when using the Soluva® product, all other reasonable hygiene measures should also be applied. In particular, it must be ensured that sufficient hygiene and infection control measures have been taken or can be taken at short notice so that business operations that may be carried out in the room can continue even if the Soluva® product fails.

Ordering & Shop

Questions about order processing and store?
What are the shipping costs for the offered Soluva® products?

In our private customer store the prices include shipping plus VAT.

In the Business to Business we charge 5,05 EUR plus VAT for shipping.

What payment options do I have in the Heraeus Soluva® Shop?
he following payment options are available in our Soluva® Shop: Master Card, Visa Card, American Express and purchase on account. For our private customers we also offer Sofortüberweisung as a payment option.

With which shipping service provider will the products be delivered?
The choice of the shipping company depends on the scope of delivery of your order. We ship with freight forwarding (large deliveries) or DPD.

Does a right of withdrawal apply?
A right of withdrawal is not possible within the scope of Business to Business. However, you are welcome to contact us via the hotline if you have questions about changing an existing order. In the private customer business, the legal regulations apply.

How can I buy products that are not available online?
Products that are not available for order in the Soluva® Shop can of course be requested at any time through our customer service. Please contact our customer service.

Can I order the products as a private person?
Yes, the Soluva® Shop is intended for private individuals and companies. I have not received an order confirmation yet, when will I receive it? You will receive the order confirmation within 2 working days after you have placed your order. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact our customer service.

Can I change / cancel my order?
An order change / cancellation is not possible via the Heraeus Soluva® Shop. Please contact us via the hotline.

Delivery & Services

Questions about delivery and services?

Can I arrange a partial or complete delivery?
The goods are delivered according to availability, i.e. partial deliveries are also possible.

How can I correct my delivery address?
If you have already placed an order, please contact our customer service.

Who will take care of the installation of the products?
The installation of the products can be done by suitable qualified personnel.

Who can do the installation and commissioning of the products?
The installation of the products can be done by an electronic specialist.

Where can I order spare parts?
You will soon be able to order spare parts for the products from this store.

Which spare parts are available for the products?
The list of spare parts can be found in the respective operating instructions.

When do I usually need spare parts again?
Even though the expected lifetime of our UV lamps is much longer, Heraeus recommends to replace the UV lamps at least once a year with new original UV lamps from Heraeus in order to ensure sufficient disinfection performance.

I have a technical problem with my product, what should I do?
If you have any questions about a product you have already ordered, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will discuss the next steps with you.