Soluva® Air F

Product information "Soluva® Air F"
With its high air flow rate, this UV air purifier provides consistently safe protection against germs of all kinds in rooms where many people spend time together: from daycare centers to clinics, from offices to social rooms, from retail stores to cafés. Mounted on a mobile stand, it is always quickly at hand wherever it is needed. Optionally, it can also be mounted on the ceiling or wall. The most powerful UV-C air purification unit on the market provides fast and safe protection with its high air flow rate - with a tested virus reduction of 99.99%. Soluva® Air F has already proven itself in numerous operations centers and control centers - and beyond in kindergartens and schools, cafés and restaurants, medical practices, retirement homes, offices or retail stores.

  • Best protection: safe inactivation of all germs, including Covid-19 viruses (test result: 99.99%)
  • Powerful: continuously adjustable air flow rate up to 1050 m3/h, suitable for continuous operation
  • Optimal design: light weight, easy operation, very quiet operation
  • Economical and maintenance-free: no filters, no filter change, long lamp life
  • Flexible: easy wall mounting or flexible with mobile stand
  • Quality and safety: developed by Heraeus in Germany

  •  Best protection
  •  Powerful
  •  Optimal design
  •  Maintenance-free

Technical data Soluva ® Air F
  • < Size (LxWxH) 1000x876x220 mm
  •  Weight 25 kg
  •  Material aluminum, steel
  •  Air flow rate 300 m³/h - 1050 m³/h
  •  Operating principle high-quality, maintenance-free UVC- technology
  •  International protection class IP20
Abmessungen (LxHxB): 1000*876*220 mm
Gewicht: 25 KG
Internationale Schutzklasse: IP20
Luftdurchsatz: 300 m³/h - 1050m³/h
Material: Aluminium, Stahl
Raumgröße: bis 150m²
Wirkungsprinzip: hochwertige, wartungsfreie UVC-Technik

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