Soluva® Air M10

Product information "Soluva® Air M10"
Soluva® Air M10 is the best solution for air filters with UV light, for disinfection of room air in larger and closed rooms, when there is no ventilation system yet. Possible places of use are production halls, canteens, cold rooms, hotel foyers or auditoriums in schools. The powerful unit disinfects up to 1,100 cubic meters of air per hour and is mounted on the ceiling to circulate the room air, thus reducing germ contamination. The Soluva® Air M10 disinfects circulating air in large rooms and halls reliably, in an environmentally friendly manner and without chemicals. A simple and effective hygiene solution to protect your employees - without leaving residues on the end product!

  • Suitable for larger rooms such as reception halls, canteens or production halls
  • Strong disinfecting effect
  • 99.99 % tested virus reduction

Technical data
  • Dimensions (mm) (WxHxD): 1160 x 376 x 487
  • Weight: 35 Kg
  • Air volume fan: 2.250m3/h
  • Loudness: 54 dB(A) at optimum air circulation
  • . UVC power: 200 watts
  •  Connected load: 1,000 watts
  • Supply voltage: 1/N/PE AC 50/60Hz 230V
  • Minimum room height: 3 meters

Abmessungen (LxHxB): 1160*376*487 mm
Anschlussleistung: 1.000 Watt
Gewicht: 35 KG
Lautstärke: 54 dB(A) bei optimaler Luftumwälzung
Luftdurchsatz: 2.250m³/h
Minimale Raumhöhe: 3 Meter
Raumgröße: bis 200m²
UVC Leistung: 200 Watt
Versorgungsspannung: 1/N/PE AC 50/60Hz 230V

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