Soluva® Air W - Grey

Product information "Soluva® Air W - Grey"
The UV air purifier is perfect for high traffic areas, such as offices and meeting rooms, retail stores, canteens, restaurants and hotel rooms, schools, doctor's waiting rooms, government offices and more. Simply mount it and plug it into a standard household outlet, and it will provide constant germ-free air. For this it needs neither chemistry nor a filter exchange and is reliably applicable in continuous operation.
Soluva® Air W disinfects air in the room, simply, safely and quickly, without the use of chemicals. The disinfector for room air is mounted on the wall. During the almost silent operation, the room air is continuously circulated. Thus, the air filter with UV light leads to a reliable disinfection and thus to the reduction of germ contamination. Due to its valuable, unobtrusive design, the Air W fits perfectly into any room design.

The Soluva® Air W air purification device is continuously adjustable with a maximum fan output of 930 m³/h

Air disinfection with UV light - your advantages at a glance
  • Safe, chemical-free disinfection of the air
  • UV air filters disinfect even poorly ventilated rooms
  • Easy wall mounting and operation
  • Suitable for continuous operation, long service life
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly: Chemical-free, ozone-free UVC lamps
  • UV air disinfection is applicable with any domestic power source (normal plug connection)
  • UV air filters can be easily used

So easy to use: 
  • Easy installation of UV air disinfection equipment 
  • Plug into outlet, turn on 
  • Disinfect air

Technical data
  • Dimensions (mm) (WxHxD): 998 x 695 x 197
  • Weight: 35 Kg
  • Air volume fan: 930m3/h
  • Loudness: 39 dB(A) at optimum air circulation
  • UV lamp: NNI 50/26XL - low pressure UVC emitter
  • UVC output: 38 watts
  • Emitter lifetime: up to 16.000 h
  • Power supply: max. 220 watts
  • Supply voltage: 220 - 240V / 50/60Hz

Environmental conditions for operation:
  •  Temperature: min. 0 °C / max. 35 °C 
  • Relative humidity: 25% - 80% 
  • IP20
Abmessungen (LxHxB): 998*695*197 mm
Anschlussleistung: max. 220 Watt
Gewicht: 35 KG
Lautstärke: 39dB(A) bei optimaler Luftumwälzung
Lebensdauer der Strahler: bis zu 16.000 h
Luftdurchsatz: 930m€/h
Raumgröße: Bis 40 m²
UV-Lampe: NNI 50/26XL - Niederdruck UVS Strahler
UVC Leistung: 38 Watt
Versorgungsspannung: 200 -240V / 50/50Hz

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