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About Soluva®

Soluva® - the virus killer

In times of pandemics and flu outbreaks, it is necessary to protect people from infections in closed rooms. The most effective system in the fight against viruses in indoor air is Soluva®. Soluva® does not filter, but destroys viruses within a few seconds using UV light . The system is designed for maximum safety and certified according to the latest standards: chemical-free, without ozone or germs cannot build up resistance to UV light. 

To protect people from virus infections - and thus also from corona - Soluva® makes an important contribution to maintaining everyday life in kindergartens, schools, offices, medical practices, restaurants and hotels.

Studies prove UV light safely destroys germs

Heraeus Noblelight has worked for many years with various institutes and research facilities, such as the Fraunhofer Institute. Scientific studies had already proven that UV (UVGI) light in an appropriate dose renders germs harmless. 
Now several recent scientific studies, i.e. from the University of Tübingen, verified the effectiveness of UV-C rays also against the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces and in the air.

Study proves: Soluva® devices from Heraeus Noblelight make SARS-CoV-2 harmless

​​​​​​How do Soluva® products work with UV light?  

UV light has been a common method of disinfection in industry for years - and definitely the most suitable solution for disinfecting surfaces and air.  All Soluva® devices work with a wavelength of 254nm: this high-energy radiation inactivates microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi are thus destroyed in seconds. It is absolutely safe, reliable and chemical free and low maintenance.  

Learn more about How UV Disinfection Works

Our disinfection products have been used with great success for years in the industrial sector for the disinfection of packaging materials, air and water.  

Find the right product for your needs in our store and give viruses no chance.  

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