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Frequently asked questions




    Question about Products?


    How long can the Soluva® products for UVC disinfection normally be used?    

    The Soluva® products for UVC disinfection can be used continously. Heraeus recommends a lamp change after several thousand operating hours. The moment that a lamp change is necessary is visualized by an automatic message on the LED display.

    What is the difference between HEPA filters and UVC disinfection?   

    In contrast to the HEPA filter technology, no loaded filters have to be changed. It is only necessary to change the lamps. Just as easy as changing a lightbulb at home.

    What other measures must I have to take?    

    The product should be used as a supplement to existing hygiene measures, i.e. even when using the product, all other reasonable hygiene measures should be applied. In particular, it must be ensured that sufficient hygiene and infection prevention measures have been taken or can be taken at short notice so that the business operations possibly carried out in the room can continue even if the product fails.


    Order Processing and Store  


    Questions about order processing and store?

    Which countries are the products delivered to?

    Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Norway, England

    What are the shipping costs for the products offered?    

    Free of charge shipping and packing is provided with every order.

    What payment options do I have in the Heraeus Soluva® Shop?    

    The following payment options are available in our store: Master Card, Visa Card, Paypal and Instant Bank Transfer.

    How will I be informed about the delivery?    

    You will receive a shipping notification by e-mail as soon as the goods are transferred to the shipping service provider.

    Which shipping company is used for delivery?   

    The choice of carrier depends on the scope of delivery of your order. In general, we will deliver either by DHL Freight (large shipments), FedEx or UPS.

    Is there a right of revocation?    

    A right of revocation is not possible in the context of Business to Business, but you are welcome to contact us via the hotline if you have questions about changing an existing order.

    I would like to order more than 10 products of one article what do I have to do?    

    A maximum order quantity of 10 pcs is imposed.  For larger quantities please contact us using the form or hotline. 

    My credit limit, daily limit is not sufficient, how can I still order?    

    Alternatively you can use PayPal or instant bank transfer.

    How can I buy products that are not available online?    

    Products that are not available in our Soluva® Shop can be requested at any time through our customer service, please use our contact information.

    Can I order the products as a private person?    

    At present it is unfortunately only possible to sell to VAT registered Businesses, i.e. to natural or legal persons or partnerships with legal capacity, who act in exercise of their commercial or independent professional activity when concluding a legal transaction. We do not conclude contracts with consumers.

    I have not yet received an order confirmation, when will I receive it?    

    You will receive an order confirmation within 2 working days after the store order has been placed. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact our customer service.

    Can I change / cancel my order?    

    An order change / cancellation is not possible via the Heraeus Soluva® Shop, please contact us via the hotline.


    Delivery & Services    


    Questions about delivery and services?


    How do I find the tracking information for my order?    

    A dispatch notification with tracking information is sent by e-mail as soon as the goods are delivered to the shipping service provider.

    Can I arrange a partial or complete delivery?    

    Goods are delivered according to availability, i.e. also partial deliveries.

    How can I correct my delivery address?    

    If an order has already been placed, please contact our customer service, otherwise the address data can be adjusted via the Account Function in the store.

    Who is responsible for the installation of the products?    

    The Buyer. The installation of the products can be installed by qualified personnel.

    Who can install and commission the products?     

    The installation of the products can be done by an electrician.

    Are there installation partners you can recommend?    

    We are currently working on installation partners, as soon as they are available we will list them in the FAQ section.

    Can I also commission Heraeus to assemble, install and commission my products?    

    Unfortunately Heraeus cannot offer the assembly, installation and commissioning of the products. However, the assembly can be carried out by any electronic specialist on the basis of the operating instructions.

    Where can I order spare parts?    

    Spare parts for the products can be requested and ordered from our customer service.

    What spare parts are available for the products?    

    The list of spare parts can be found in the respective operating instructions.

    When do I usually need spare parts again?    

    Even though the expected life time of our UV lamps is considerably longer, Heraeus recommends to replace the UV lamps at least once a year with new original UV lamps from Heraeus in order to ensure sufficient disinfection performance.

    I have a technical problem with my product, what should I do?    

    If you have any questions about a product you have already ordered, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will discuss the next steps with you.



    Purchases in this shop may only be made by VAT registered businesses in selected European countries. Consumers can find further information here.